The main goal of UNIS is to provide a services resulting in customer satisfaction. This can only be achieved by a permanent quality assurance and excellence at all levels and all stages of project implementation.

The basic quality policy aims of UNIS are as follows:

  • Continual improvement of all activities resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  • Active control of improving process inside the organization, negotiation with customers, suppliers and with others
  • Continual training, intensification and extension of knowledge and skills for all employees
  • Involving all employees in our quality improvement system

Test laboratory VTP UNIS accreditation

Within the frame of services improvement for our customers the laboratory accreditation process was successfully finished and our testing laboratory is now accredited for doing tests according to the test methods which are listed in certificate of accreditation in the field of:
  • Electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC)
  • Vibration and shock tests
  • Climatic tests (temperature, humidity)
Testing laboratory No. 1706 accredited by CAI according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005

Information security

The ever more pressing need to protect our information as well as that of our customers made UNIS introduce an information security management system in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2005 in 2008. In October 2014 a recertification audit was successfully performed, giving UNIS a new certificate for the next three years. The testing activities were added into the scope of this certification in September 2016.

Quality management system

On the basis of increasing competitiveness and offering services to customers in adequate quality led the company UNIS in 1995 to create a quality management system in accordance with standards of ISO 9001 certification. The regular recertifications approve high standards of the UNIS quality management system (ISO9001) in which was always found fully satisfactory. QMS covers all activities of company UNIS. The testing activities were added into the scope of this certification in September 2016.